Experience and Integration

We have in-depth, experiential knowledge of strategic planning, fundraising, and communication and recognize that these efforts must go hand-in-hand with strategic organizational development to increase effectiveness. We apply fundraising principles, best practices and current trends to ensure success and sustainability in Annual Giving, Membership Programs, Planned Giving, and Capital and Endowment projects. 

Strategic Focus

Strategic focus is essential to achieve annual objectives, lengthy projects such as capital campaigns and to create organization change. We build a customized plan that maximizes resources and impact. Clear, concise project management keeps the process moving yet remains attentive to the countless details.

Communication and Messaging

Effective communication is critical for success, whether it relates to articulating your vision or mobilizing staff and volunteers to advocate for your mission. It's your story, and we support you to tell it in the most compelling ways possible. We develop core messages that differentiate your organization, convey impact, and inspire donors and the community to invest in your work.

Systems, Analytics and Application of Data

We work with you to analyze and better understand current systems and processes, build your organization’s infrastructure, and plan for a sustainable future in the context of trends, best practices and innovation in the nonprofit sector. We use our strength in hard analytical tools, from software to database systems, to inform strategy and metrics that support implementation, evaluation and accountability.

Facilitation and Coaching

Through group facilitation and training, we bring leaders together to fulfill their strategic roles. Executive coaching empowers leaders to maximize their professional and personal potential and bring their very best to the work. 

HunterKemper Consulting Fundraising and Organization Development Counsel

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