Solid Fundamentals

We have an in-depth, experiential knowledge of fundraising—both principles and practice—and its application to Annual Funds, Membership Programs, Planned Giving and Capital and Endowment projects. Our approach focuses on building appropriate and lasting relationships. Relationship-based fundraising is essential for both short- and long-term success with individuals, foundations and corporations.

Strategic Focus

It is essential to maintain strategic focus to achieve annual objectives or to accomplish lengthy projects such as capital campaigns. We create with you a customized plan to maximize the resources available for the project. We provide clear, concise project management that keeps the process moving yet remains attentive to the countless details, and we continually monitor our progress in the context of a well-defined strategy.

An Integrated Approach

Every fundraising program or project exists in the context of a larger organization, community and industry. Our services are built on the premise that strategic fundraising and communication must go hand in hand with strategic organization development. We work with you to analyze and better understand systems and processes already in place, to build your organization’s infrastructure, and to plan for a sustainable future. We research the leading edge of best practices and innovation in the nonprofit sector, understand trends, and are committed to personal and professional growth.

Application of Data

With our strength in hard analytical tools, from software to database systems, we guide you in essential tracking of prospects and project components. Through a comprehensive analysis of your data, we create a Donor Strategy Map that segments donors based upon their giving history and capacity, and provides clear strategies for effective acquisition, renewal, upgrades, and stewardship.

Skilled Communication and Facilitation

Effective communication is critical for success, whether it relates to articulating your vision or mobilizing staff and volunteers to advocate for your mission. Our ability to produce the highest quality promotional materials, to effectively create one-to-one and mass marketing appeals, and to manage special events, helps us position and publicize your organization’s impact. Through group facilitation and training we help bring people together and empower them to fulfill their strategic roles.

HunterKemper Consulting Fundraising and Organization Development Counsel

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