Capital and Endowment Campaigns

A major fundraising campaign offers a wide range of opportunities to an organization.

Not only do capital campaigns raise funds that impact the long-term vision and well being of an organization, they provide critical opportunities to build volunteer and organizational capacity, to educate a broader audience and to enhance relationships with donors.

We create with you a customized campaign plan to maximize the opportunities and resources available for the project and then provide clear and concise project management.

Recent successful campaigns, which have had capital and endowment goals ranging from $3 million to $12 million, have included the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, Carolina Day School, Diana Wortham Theater, and North Carolina Outward Bound School. 

"HunterKemper was an invaluable partner from conception through the final push to close our $8.3 million capital and endowment campaign.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants to conduct a well-planned, intellectually disciplined and emotionally subtle campaign.

They conducted our feasibility study thoroughly and discreetly and brought back from donors critical suggestions for improvements to our draft case. The refined rigor of that case was the foundation of the campaign. Following from the study and case development, they worked with our steering committee and the board to set a stretch goal for the campaign.

They dealt skillfully with the many concerns and anxieties that lead up to the launch of a campaign. Throughout the work, their experience was indispensable in guiding how we determined the range of requests, structured their sequence, selected the volunteer and staff solicitors and prepared systematically for every meeting.  Through the emotional ups and downs of the campaign they provided perspective and thoughtful tactical adjustments to the plan.  Their skill and sense of timing was much needed at every stage."

Arthur N. Pearson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center

Her future is made today. Is it worth your investment?

"Launching a $3.3 million capital campaign was one of the biggest decisions the YW has ever made. Our success in exceeding that goal and raising $4 million has transformed the future of the YWCA. HunterKemper Consulting was there every step of the way."

Holly Jones
Former Executive Director
YWCA of Asheville

HunterKemper Consulting Fundraising and Organization Development Counsel

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