Communications, Branding and Case Development

Effective communication drives fundraising and organizational efforts.

We help you create or enhance your key messages, branding and outreach and promotion plans. With education and professional experience in journalism and strategic communication, HunterKemper Consulting is strongly positioned to help you develop an effective communication or marketing plan and collateral materials.


"Upper Room Ministries worked with Elizabeth Hunter of HunterKemper Consulting to define our organizational needs and, using that information, to frame the components and case for our $16 million campaign. She implemented the concept by writing compelling text and helped us see the process through to a beautiful and effective end result.

Elizabeth’s articulate yet concise approach captured and communicated the heart of this organization and its needs. She was also a joy to work with."

John Brown
Former Director of Development
Upper Room Ministries

HunterKemper Consulting Fundraising and Organization Development Counsel

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